Top 8 Online Shopping Hacks for 2018

Top 8 Online Shopping Hacks for 2018

2017 is ending and 2018 is about to begin, and with the busy schedules of millennials; blogs to write, the excel sheets to work on, the twitter hashtag to follow. We tend not to have time to...
Free Courses Online

Where To Find Free Courses Online

There's so much we can do with the internet besides all the usual social media stuff. Do you know you can have access to thousands of free courses out there? You can gain the knowledge you n

How To Share Your Live Location On Whatsapp

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that enables you share your location real-time. This was shared on their blog Am sure all the "monitoring spirits" will be delighted with this developme

Touch Pad Smart Phone Concept

What are your thoughts on this touch pad smart phone concept. Source:
What is an eSIM

What is an eSIM: What You Should Know

We can certainly all agree that mobile phones have come a long way through the years. There is however one thing that has not changed much, which still have to insert the SIM of you
FIFA 2018 VS PES 2018

FIFA 2018 VS PES 2018: Pick One

Ok, so it's that time of the year again, Gamers know what I'm talking about. So PES 2018 release date is already here...yes its today, and we expect FIFA 2018 to be out on the 29th of this m
10 Android applications draining your battery and data

10 Android Applications Draining Your Battery and Data

Have you ever had a fully charged battery run down so fast that you begin to wonder...or have you ever subscribed for a months worth of data, only to get the dreaded "You have 79.78MB remain
how to check if you have been hacked

Password Security: How To Check If You Have Been Hacked

Do you know you can easily find out if you have been hacked or if your password is actually safe. Its amazing really that a large number of people still use weak passwords in the likes if "1
kaspersky free antivirus

Kaspersky Now Offers Free Antivirus Protection

Finally, kaspersky has joined the league of free antivirus providers. I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with kaspersky, they've been around for awhile, but until recently their antivirus o
How to send GIF on Whatsapp

How To Send GIF On Whatsapp

Although this feature has been on WhatsApp since early this year, not too many people know about it. So let my be the one to tell you that you can actually send GIFs (Moving Images) on Whats
microsoft surface laptop repair

Microsoft Surface Laptop Scores Low on Repairability

I'm pretty sure this will be unsettling for Microsoft. Their surface laptop has been giving a surprising 0 out of 10 score on repair-ability by the repair specialists at ifixit. In their own
tablets you can buy for less than 100k

7 Cool Tablets You Can Buy Under 100k

With so much to choose from, buying a tablet these days can be kind of confusing, especially if you do not know exactly what you want. So I've put together a list of affordable and totally c...
Nathaniel Bassey

#HallelujahChallenge: Nathaniel Bassey Using Instagram and Facebook Live Positively

So there has been a buzz that has been trending lately on Instagram live and Facebook Live, it's even on CNN. I'm talking Nathaniel Bassey's 30 day HallelujahChallenge. Personally, I decided
What is 4k

All You Need To Know About The 4K Ultra HD TV’s

If like me, you have heard about 4k televisions and ultra HD resolutions, then you must be wondering what it is really about. Well, you are about to find out. What is 4K? Used correctly,
Why Everybody Should Be Using Cloud

Why Everyone Should Be Using Cloud

As old as this may seem, its amazing the number of companies and people who still haven't embraced the cloud, even with all the free cloud services available. I remember misplacing my phone
Mac-book Pro vs Surface Pro

Pick One: Macbook Pro vs New Surface Pro 2017

Although the new surface pro was announced not long ago (May 23) i couldn't help but compare. It is available for pre-order anyways. Now, we all know the Mac-book Pro offers awesome perform
Sending money online with Google Assistant

Soon, Google Will Make It Possible To Send Money With Voice Commands

Google is fast expanding into the payment market with its latest announcement over receiving or sending money online with Google Assistant. The internet giant aims to make receiving and send
Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Bungie’s Sci-Fi Epic Gameplay Trailer

Three years after the first launch of Destiny in September 2014, the second version Destiny 2 is scheduled for release on September 8. The trailer is also out and available for preview and g
NBA 2k18 Legend Edition

NBA 2K18 Launches On September 19: All There Is To Know Before Then

This year’s NBA 2K18 promises to be juicer with more rewarding features over 2K17 which avid basketball gamers are used to. It still features basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal at its Legend
Xiaomi Processor

Xiaomi Plagued By Scarcity of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor

Chinese technology company, Xiaomi, is currently plagued by scarcity of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor for its flagship smart phone, the Mi 6. The scarcity of this processor chip is m