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10 Android Applications Draining Your Battery and Data

10 Android applications draining your battery and data

Have you ever had a fully charged battery run down so fast that you begin to wonder…or have you ever subscribed for a months worth of data, only to get the dreaded “You have 79.78MB remaining of your data plan” a few days later. Well there might be applications on your phone that may be culprits. We’ve compiled a list of 10 Android applications draining your battery and data, in no particular order

Google Maps:Google maps is one of those applications that run automatically on the background when your phone is turned on. If your GPS is turned on, it steadily tries to update locations according to your movement. This has a huge effect on your battery and data. google maps

Snapchat: Although it doesn’t startup automatically like google maps, but when it is turned on, your data and battery will testify. For those who don’t know, Snapchat is an app that allows users to send and receive self destructing videos and photos.snapchat

Samsung AllShare: Non Samsung android users, you are safe. AllShare is a service that lets Samsung devices, Samsung TVs and your PC access and share photos, videos and even music between themselves, streamed over any internet connection. It runs on the background and heavily consumes data and battery.Samsung AllShare

Facebook: Am sure you don’t need to be told. this heavy app is notorious for battery and data consumption. It runs automatically when your phone is turned on…how do you think you get all those notifications?facebook

Instagram: Personally, this right here is responsible for over 60% of my data usage. Like Facebook, it runs on the background also, part of the reason for its heavy data and battery usage.

DU Battery Saver: Ironic right? This app tries to shut down background processes that may be draining your battery…this means this app has to run on the background and be up at all times too. So yea, irregardless of its name, its a battery drainer too.

Spotify Music: Spotify is a music streaming service. It does not typically startup on its own, it is user-started. When running however, your battery and data will bear the brunt.Spotify Music

WhatsApp Messenger: One of the most used applications, naturally it causes a strain on your data and battery. All those group messages, images, videos, calls, etc, consumes battery and data a lot. It runs on the background also.WhatsApp Messenger

AppLock: This application will keep prying eyes out of your Android applications. It is more of a battery draining app. It starts automatically when your phone is turned on, this makes it consume a significant part of your battery life.AppLock

Google Chrome: Google chrome is a powerful browser. It also starts automatically when your phone is turned on. Compared to some data saving browsers, chrome is high on data consumption.Google Chrome

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Our smartphones are very active parts of our daily lives. Knowing how the applications running on them use data and battery life will really help how we manage our phones. Considering the high cost of data and electricity in our beloved country.

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