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Why Everyone Should Be Using Cloud

Why Everybody Should Be Using Cloud

As old as this may seem, its amazing the number of companies and people who still haven’t embraced the cloud, even with all the free cloud services available. I remember misplacing my phone a few months ago, normally I would go crazy considering the pictures, contacts and other sensitive information I lost, but thanks to cloud integration, recovering them was pretty easy.

Cloud…What is it?

Simply put, the cloud is an online storage. Think of it as a hard drive that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere that has an internet connection. The same way you can get access to your email address from any computer/mobile device with internet access, that’s the same way you can get access to your documents, photos, contacts, etc on the cloud

3 reasons why you should use the cloud

3 reasons why you should be using the cloud

Security: Cloud platforms are very safe. On the cloud, your data is being saved in very secure and high performing servers in huge data centers. It is very unlikely that anything will happen to your data, in fact, you data is safer on the cloud than on your hard disk or memory card. You are less likely to get hacked when your data is on the cloud.

Sharing/Collaboration: Imagine you are out-of-town, your computer containing some documents are saved there, suddenly the need arises that you have to share those documents with someone. This is where the convenience of the cloud comes in, wherever you are, you can get access to your files at any time.

Easy Recovery: Have you ever had you laptop or smart phone stolen? or perhaps its a technical fault say bad hard disk or memory card. The point is you will lose data which may include pictures, documents, contacts, etc. Setting up these resources to back up on the cloud is the best thing you can do. It saves you the headache of having to worry about getting those data back, especially contacts and pictures.

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How to Get Started on Cloud?

Simple, there are several cloud storage providers that even give you storage for free. However I will be recommending  Google Drive. Personally i use it, its cool, easy to use and organize. They give you an initial 15 GB free, generous if you ask me. All you have to do is Open a Gmail account. Incase you didn’t know, your Gmail account is not just another email for sending mails only. It comes with a variety of very useful google applications, and drive is one of them.

Getting Started With Google Drive

For Smart Phone Users: After setting up your Gmail account on your smart phone, you can set your contacts to automatically sync with your Gmail account. This way you will hardly lose contacts. You can also do the same with your photos. Also, download the google drive app to your device and upload your useful files there. As long as you can log into that your Gmail account, you will be able to get access to these files/contacts/photos.

On Your PC: Simple login to your email from your browser, from there you can get access to your drive. Alternatively, you can download the Google Drive App for your PC. From there you can upload the files you want to back up.


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