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Destiny 2: Bungie’s Sci-Fi Epic Gameplay Trailer

Destiny 2

Three years after the first launch of Destiny in September 2014, the second version Destiny 2 is scheduled for release on September 8. The trailer is also out and available for preview and gamer’s feedback. The iconic character is back with stronger supernatural abilities and newer weapons. It promises to make the game a digital adventure to look forward to.

The new Destiny 2 is much improved than its original version. It features energized players battling despicable alien forces bent on destroying Earth’s Last City. The players must also put up a stand for Traveler, the protector of the Earth from future evils.

Developed by Bungie and produced by Activision, Bungie calls this last stand between the protectors of humanity and the hostile destructive aliens the “Red War Campaign”. The protectors of humanity are the Guardians, and the avowed enemies of the world are the Red Legion, led by Ghaul.

In a tweet by developers of the new game, “In Destiny 2’s story campaign, you’ll embark on a massive journey to fight back against the Red Legion and reclaim our home”. That says it all as far as Destiny 2 is concerned. A new set of weapons backed by superhuman abilities are what the Guardians rely upon to accomplish their goals and save our Earth.

With a unique blend of FPS and MMO, Destiny 2 is now a call for action adventure gamers need to make. The trailer, was shown in Los Angeles and streamed on Twitch. It provided gamers with an all-round experience that comes from taking on an alien in a battle to save the last bastion of humanity with a flaming Warlock sword among other “exotic weapons and armor”.


Destiny 2 is rumoured to be coming to PCs. Its developers would be monetizing it via a shared business model. This means fans might pay around $60 for the game and pay additional improvements costing between $20-$40 over a number of years. This means not all fans will pay the same amount for gameplay. The more involved you are with the game the higher you pay with time, The Verge wrote.

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