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#HallelujahChallenge: Nathaniel Bassey Using Instagram and Facebook Live Positively

Nathaniel Bassey

So there has been a buzz that has been trending lately on Instagram live and Facebook Live, it’s even on CNN. I’m talking Nathaniel Bassey’s 30 day HallelujahChallenge. Personally, I decided to check it out last night…and I’m definitely completing the challenge.

Whats really amazing is how he has managed to bring over 100,000 people across both platforms. Lifting up their voices in sincere praise and prayer to the most high God, at 12 midnight! That is not an easy fit and it lasts for an hour.

Hallelujah Challenge

In the middle of the praises and prayers last night, i started to wonder, could this usher in a new era for worship? would there come a time where people will be just comfortable streaming service live, rather than step out to church? Now, i’m not saying its a bad thing, i just want to appreciate the windows of opportunities technology has opened for us in almost every area.

I actually look forward to seeing more people put Facebook and Instagram Live to positive use, just the way Nathaniel Bassey has. It’s not everyday that you show off your make-up, food, etc. Sometimes start a movement online, Nigeria needs every positive movement it can get at this point in time. We have a large number of young tech savvy citizens. Who are ever eager to trend, that energy can be converted to positivity for our nation.

Big-ups Nathaniel Bassey, today was day 15, remember its a 30 day challenge, never too late to join in. I actually look forward to them hitting the million mark across both platforms before the 30th day.

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