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Password Security: How To Check If You Have Been Hacked

how to check if you have been hacked

Do you know you can easily find out if you have been hacked or if your password is actually safe. Its amazing really that a large number of people still use weak passwords in the likes if “12345678” and co to protect their online accounts. This is equivalent to walking under the rain with a closed umbrella…you will get wet!

This study shows the top 25 common passwords of 2016. If your password is here or if your password looks like any of the ones on that list, chances are you’ve already been hacked. You really should change your password.

Securing Passwords

Fortunately, there are tools you can use to check your password strength and determine how long it will take to crack. Just in case you think you are invisible, you can also check if you have already been hacked.

To Check How Safe Your Password Is:

Although these password strength checkers might not be 100% bulletproof. However, they do serve as a guide and give you an idea of how strong your passwords are and how easy it will be to crack. There is Kaspersky’s Secure Password Check and How Secure Is My Password (HSIMP).

Personally i think Kaspersky’s checker is more overly suspicious. I put in the same password on both checkers, HSIMP reported my password will take about a year to crack, while Kaspersky reported it will take just 7 minutes. Anyways like i said earlier, let is serve as a guide, you don’t have to take their words as it is.

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How To Check If You Have Been Hacked Already:

Have I Been Phwned” is a secure online tool. All you need to do is enter your email address and hit enter. You can also examine the health of your favorite passwords here. This means you can check if your password has been breached before.

Password Resets

Everyone has the responsibility of protecting their accounts with secure passwords, I mean its free, doesn’t cost anything. People get hacked everyday, you can simply save yourself by changing your password today.

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