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How To Send GIF On Whatsapp

How to send GIF on Whatsapp

Although this feature has been on WhatsApp since early this year, not too many people know about it. So let my be the one to tell you that you can actually send GIFs (Moving Images) on WhatsApp the same way you would send a normal smiley. The feature is a bit hidden though, probably why it’s not as common.
So heres’s how to send GIF on WhatsApp:

How to send GIFs on Android WhatsApp

First off, select the smiley face, the same way you would if you want to send a smiley
Next, select the GIF icon just below the smileys, you will be shown a list of GIFs

Select the one you that suits that feeling you are trying to pass across that the smiley just doesn’t cut. You can also search using keywords of what you want.
Hit on send, like you would normally do…and that’s it.

How to send GIFs on iOS WhatsApp

On iOS, simply tap the plus icon on the bottom left of the screen, this will open multimedia options.
Select the option photo and video library
Select the icon with GIF next to it, here you would be able to search for whatever GIF you want.
Select you choice and hit on send

How to send GIF on ios androis

So, that’s it…go forth and may the GIF be with you

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