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Review: HP Spectre


HP Spectre

HP Spectre








  • Super light and thin
  • Great all round performance
  • 3 USB-C ports


  • Touch-Screen Omission
  • Not Too Great Battery Life
  • Limited Legacy Ports

While it might not be the thinnest or most sophisticated laptop out there, you have to admit that the spectre is a beauty to look at. Weighing only 1.1kg and just 0.41-inches thick. Coupled with its beauty, is the brains of the HP Spectre, perhaps HP has succeeded in making the thinnest Intel core i-powered laptops around.

Lets look at the features of the HP spectre in detail:


The spectre makes other laptops that would be considered slim look fat, its that slim. The chasis of the laptop is just a work of art, obviously a lot of detailed work went into the design. Simply put, the HP spectre exudes class and style,
guaranteed to get heads turning.


As should be, it ships with a full HD screen on a 13-inch space. The contrast and brightness are superb, big bright and beautiful indeed. Although, be prepared to
deal with slight reflections due to the screens gorilla glass coating, and its


For a laptop with almost no room for speakers, the sound of the HP spectre is pretty ok. Dont expect much bass though or anything too fancy, afterall, it was not built solely for sound.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard on the HP Spectre really stands out, compared to other thin laptops.  The lighting on the keyboard is just satisfying, its actually one of the best, in my opinion. The smooth glass touchpad has a great feel when clicking it and plenty of room. Although the ease that comes with a touchscreen is greatly missed.

USB Type C Ports

There are 3 USB Type-C ports, all of which can be used for charging and data transfer. Fortunately One USB Type-C to USB Type-A port is supplied in the box,  so you’ll be able to connect your legacy peripherals. If you are looking for
other ports such as HDMI or SD card reader, sorry. The only other port asides the USB-C connectors is the headphone/mic jack. The HP Spectre also features a HD webcam.

Performance and Graphics

The HP spectre ships with full Intel Core i U-series CPUs, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD. Obviously, despite the thinness of the HP Spectre, performance was not compromised.
Although the spectre is not meant for serious gaming, it has a decent graphics rating, shipping with 128MB Intel HD Graphics 520.

Battery Life

The spectre lasted about 6 hours and 6 minutes on a laptop battery test, which involves continous surfing over wi-fi. This is not really a great result, taking into considertion the average time for portable laptops which is 2 hours longer. I guess this was one of the sacrifices that had to be made to bring the masterpiece to life.

Like every other product the HP Spectre has its challenges, but overall, it is a sleek and classy laptop, i would definitely buy one…would you?

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