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This Device Helps Your Find Lost Cars and Items

TrackR Find Lost Items

A new security company in California has developed a tiny device. It enables you to find lost cars and misplaced items within minutes. This coin-sized device is called the TrackR. It is powered by low energy Bluetooth technology. With a connectivity range of up to 100 feet, and can easily be triggered off with a smartphone.

TrackR Mobile App

TrackR works with a smartphone app. As soon as you acquire the coin-sized device, you must download and install the TrackR app on your smartphone to get it working. You must then sync the app and the device together and you’re good to go. You only need to hide the TrackR device inside your car or attach it to your motorcycle or laptop or briefcase among other valuable items to track them in the event of loss.

Just like a GPS tracking device but cheaper and without any monthly subscription payments. TrackR reveals the location of your stolen or misplaced asset within minutes on your smartphone device. As soon as you discover that a tagged item has gone missing, you only need to tap the lost item icon on your TrackR app on your smartphone and the exact coordinates of the missing item will become visible.

What does it Cost?

The TrackR device costs only $29 (about ₦9500) and it can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website. It typically gets shipped to you in any location worldwide within a week. Apart from tracking the location of your stolen car or luggage or any valuable property, you can also use TrackR to know the location of your missing dog when the device is attached to its collar. The device comes with a double-sided adhesive so that you can attach it to any pet or property without any obstructions.

Find Lost Items

The TrackR app works with Android smartphones and iPhones, and can be downloaded from Google Play and the company’s website. Do not wait for your expensive valuables to get missing or stolen. Track their exact locations with TrackR today and you’d be happy you did.

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