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Microsoft Surface Laptop Scores Low on Repairability

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I’m pretty sure this will be unsettling for Microsoft. Their surface laptop has been giving a surprising 0 out of 10 score on repair-ability by the repair specialists at ifixit. In their own words:

“The Surface Laptop is not a laptop. It’s a glue-filled monstrosity. There is nothing about it that is up-gradable or long-lasting, and it literally can’t be opened without destroying it. (Show us the procedure, Microsoft, we’d love to be wrong.)”

Considering the price tag on this super slim device, you might want to rethink its purchase, especially if you are one who is likely to upgrade or make repairs often.

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Final Thoughts:

  • This laptop is not meant to be opened or repaired; you can’t get inside without inflicting a lot of damage.
  • The CPU, RAM, and on-board storage are soldered to the motherboard, making upgrades a no-go.
  • The headphone jack, while modular, can only be accessed by removing the heat sink, fan, display, and motherboard.
  • The battery is difficult and dangerous to replace, giving the device a limited lifespan.

Would you still buy a Microsoft surface laptop? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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