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Pick One: Macbook Pro vs New Surface Pro 2017

Mac-book Pro vs Surface Pro

Although the new surface pro was announced not long ago (May 23) i couldn’t help but compare. It is available for pre-order anyways.

Now, we all know the Mac-book Pro offers awesome performance coupled with an attractive minimalist design. However, Microsoft came up with surface pro series, obviously to suite users who want to have a Mac-book pro like laptop with a windows operating system. Personally if i were to choose one, i would have a hard time, so i did a comparison between both…


The Surface Pro features a cool hybrid design, meaning it can be used like a tablet and like a regular laptop. It comes
with a 12.3-inches screen size. With an elegant design, it has a body thickness of just 8.5mm, weighing only 768
grams…incredible right? Kudos to Microsoft to making a laptop weighing under 1 kg.

Mac-book Pro

The Mac-book pro, unlike the surface pro comes in 13-inch and 15-inch screen variants. On the newer Mac-book Pro models, there’s an option to add a Touch Bar: a OLED strip that replaces the row of function keys on a standard Mac Book Pro. The  strip shows different function keys depending on the app you’re in. So, say you’re using Photoshop, you’ll get relevant  shortcut keys…cool right? The Mac-book pro weight 1.37 kg and has a thickness of 14.9 mm.

So, if you are going for a sleek lightweight hybrid device, the surface pro wins it, if however you want a more
traditionally designed laptop with a tested and trusted design, then go for the Mac-book pro.


While we can say that both devices have a high-resolution display, In numbers Microsoft’s surface pro is higher. It
features a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels with a 276 ppi pixel density compared to Mac-book pro’s 2560 x 1600 pixels and  density of 227 ppi.

For processors, they both use Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake CPUs. So we can say they are relatively equal on this

For storage, both devices come with 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB options. However the Surface pro also ships a 128 GB variant, perhaps for the cloud enthusiasts who do not need too much space.

For memory, both devices feature 8 GB and 16 GB RAM options. Once again Microsoft’s edge however includes a 4 GB option.


Apparently, we can say the Surface pro surpasses the Mac-book pro in hardware specs…in doubt, read on…
The surface pro has a primary and secondary camera 8 mega-pixel and 5 mega-pixel respectively, which are capable of  capturing full HD (1080p) videos. The Mac-book pros however, feature a single camera, capturing only up to 720p videos.

The Mac-book pro does not have an SD card slot, which the Surface pro has, along with a mini display port.
Battery life…surprisingly, the Microsoft surface pro kicks butt here, boasting a 13.5-hour battery life, compared to
Apple’s Macbook pro 10-hours.

Spec Comparison Table

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) Apple MacBook Pro
Screen 12.3 inches (Touch) 13 inches / 15 inches
Display Resolution 2736 x 1824 pixels (267ppi) 2560 x 1600 pixels (227ppi)
CPU Intel Core m3 / i5 / i7 (7th-gen) Intel Core i5 / i7 (7th-gen)
GPU Intel HD Graphics 620 / Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 Intel Iris Graphics 540/550
Storage 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
Memory 4GB / 8GB / 16GB 8GB / 16GB
Camera Full HD video (rear) / Full HD video (front) HD video (front)
Battery Life 13.5 hours (standard usage) 10 hours (standard usage)
OS Windows 10 MacOS Sierra
Dimensions 292 x 201 x 8.5mm 149 x 304.1 x 212.4mm
Weight 768 grams / 784 grams 1,370 grams

Source: Trusted Reviews


Well, i think it all comes down to what you want or rather what you are willing to pay for. Both devices come in many
different configurations, causing a variation in pricing. The most expensive Mac-book pro will cost you about £2,699, while  a high-end model Surface pro will cost you about the same price with the Mac-book. In comparison, the cheapest Mac-book will  cost you about £1,449, while the Surface Pro will cost about £799.

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In Summary:

Both laptops are great to use in all aspects, but if you had to pick one, it will ultimately depend on your preferences.
From the comparisons we made, we can say that:

Design: While both devices are very attractive, what is most obvious is that the Mac-book pro is a Laptop, while the Surface pro is a tablet/laptop hybrid.
Specification: Both devices offer almost similar configurations, however the surface pro beats the Mac-book pro in Battery Life, Better camera quality, and more flexible port options.
Pricing: Going by the cheapest variations of both devices, we have to say the Surface pro is more pocket friendly.
However, the high-end configurations of both laptops are pretty much at par with each other.

So, what do you think about both laptops, which one would you choose?

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