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Soon, Google Will Make It Possible To Send Money With Voice Commands

Sending money online with Google Assistant

Google is fast expanding into the payment market with its latest announcement over receiving or sending money online with Google Assistant. The internet giant aims to make receiving and sending mobile money the easiest thing anyone could do with his mobile phone. Using only your voice, Google makes it possible to send money to anyone, anytime, Trusted Reviews reported.

Google announced via a blog post after an interactive Google I/O session that this digital payment initiative will be rolled out in the United States first. To get started, users must have a mobile device powered by Android operating system. They could then install the Google Home smart speaker which is bundled together with Google Assistant. Google Assistant is a digital program that works as a virtual helper but powered by artificial intelligence.

The next step is to have your debit card linked to your Google account for easy transfer of money. With all set, you only need to speak into your phone to send money to people anywhere. Your voice command will activate the Google Home smart-speaker which in turn will power Google Assistant to send money from your linked debit card to whomever you want. A voice command such as “Okay Google, send $10 to Robert for lunch” is all that is needed to send money with your mobile phone.

Google had planned this digital payment service for some time. This was disclosed at the annual I/O developer conference. The company also revealed the launching of the Google Payment API. It enables users to make payments using their mobile app or online at stores. Only verified debit cards linked to Google Account can be used with the Google Payment API.

It should be noted that the main objective of the Google I/O conference is to enable digital app developers use Google’s products such as the payment API in their own checkout apps. To this extent, the internet giant is also planning to launch a Card Linked Offers API. This is a loyalty scheme program that will enable people save loyalty cards to Android Pay.  With retailer stores also using the Card Linked Offers API to give loyalty cards to deserving customers.

According to Google’s VP of Payment Products, Pali Bhat, Walgreens already uses the Card Linked Offers API across over 8,000 stores within the US alone.

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