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What is an eSIM: What You Should Know

What is an eSIM

We can certainly all agree that mobile phones have come a long way through the years. There is however one thing that has not changed much, which is…you still have to insert the SIM of you network provider to get their mobile services. Even though the SIMs have gotten smaller over the years, they still have to be inserted into the device.

The Apple watch 3 is one of the first gadgets to use an eSIM. We’ve also heard that Samsung and Apple have been in talks with network providers on the adoption of eSIMs.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is an electronic sim card, and it is expected to replace the conventional plastic SIM cards in future. In its place will be an embedded chip that is non removable. With this, you wont need to swap sims again when you need to change operators. The information on the eSIM will be re-writable by all operators, meaning you can store multiple carrier profiles at once. To change network, you simply need to made a call or change some configuration.

Cool eSIM

What makes it better?

Here’s why it will be better: You wouldn’t be needing multiple devices anymore, you wouldn’t have to swap SIMS anymore when you travel, you can easily connect and sync with other smart gadgets such as smart watches and tv’s. Also the embedded eSIM will mean doing away with the traditional sim slots. Creating more space for manufacturers and ultimately bringing about better compact designs for mobile devices.

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