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Microsoft Explains Why It Is Not Using USB-C Port for Its Surface Laptop

why is microsoft not using USB C port

As much as people love the Microsoft Surface laptop, there are certain concerns that keep users unsatisfied with it. Some of these concerns are personal and unjustified; some are quite serious and warrant official inquiry. One of the un-serious concerns is that the Alcantara fabric used to deck the laptop won’t last for long; and one of the more serious concerns is that the laptop does not have a USB-C port like Apple laptops. So, why is Microsoft not using USB C port?

USB-C Port

The USB-C port ought to allow users to use a single charger for all their devices. But this is where it gets dysfunctional and unsatisfactory. Users will have to use various chargers and dongles in hubs that won’t perform to their expectations. The question now is that, if Apple gets it perfect for its laptop, why has Microsoft been dallying with it?

Pete Kyriacou, general manager for Surface Engineering, simply says the USB-C port is not good enough by Microsoft’s standards. He admits it is a good innovation. But it simply poses a lot of difficulties and uncertainties for users, factors Microsoft takes quite seriously in its products. According to Kyriacou, Microsoft would rather continue to use the USB-A and display port for their consistency rather than use the USB-C which remains unstable.

Microsoft emphasizes that it values the reliability of its Surface Connect port since its use in 2014. The confidence it gives to users justifies its continued use. Another problem pointed out with USB-C is confusion: the cables are identical but with different capabilities and functions; some support 3 amps and some support 5 amps while some are just for Thunderbolt and others are not just categorizable – causing confusion to users.


Another problem that Microsoft would rather not have is that when people unknowingly use underpowered USB-C charger to charge their Surface laptop, the computer gets drained of power. This experience would automatically make users to blame the makers of Surface laptop for an unsatisfactory product, not knowing they had used underpowered charger on its USB-C port.

People believe that if a cable fits into a laptop port, it should just work; but this is just not the case with USB-C and Microsoft for this reason among others would not use it in its products for now.

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